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Miami Horror (AUS)

Miami Horror sind eine Electro-Pop-Formation aus Melbourne.

Two years after their visionary EP ‘The Shapes’, and nearly ten years after the internationally success of their debut album, Illumination, which put them on the map, Miami Horror has returned with a fresh collaborative sound. Their new singles ‘Restless’ and ‘Luv Is Not Enough’ bring us a combination of dreamy lo-fi funk guitar, mixed with 70’s era drums, and a sultry soulful vocal. ‘Restless’ can be seen as a stepping stone towards the new band vision, marrying funky elements of their past with a soft upbeat almost-RNB vocal, while ‘Luv Is Not Enough’ shows us tender, passionate vocals by Clear Motifee. The release of these songs comes along with an announcement of a third full length album in the works, with a release date to be set in 2020. When asked about the new album Plant said, „I’m feeling like things have come full circle, a friend recently played Illumination to me, it was the second time I’ve heard it in full since it came out. It was a really grounding moment that makes me appreciate what I saw in music back then. It’s an experience, a really tangible but unexplainable feeling. I’m really hoping to bring that spirit and sense of adventure back on our 3rd album”.

15. November 2022 20:00 Uhr

Conrad Sohm

Ein altes Fabriksgebäude mit flexiblem Innenraum. Am Programm: DJs, Konzerte, gelegentlich Ausstellungen, Kabarett und Lesungen. Öffnungszeiten: Mittwoch bis Samstag 20:00 bis 3:00.

Boden 1, 6850 Dornbirn