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The Vampyres (Ö), Hypnotic Floor (Ö)

The Vampyres offer heavy psych rock for the children of the night. The sound of the group incorporates elements of psychedelic and kraut influences, that produce a hypnotic trip taking the audience on an uninterrupted journey through the whole set. On October 31st 2019 the band’s debut LP „Out of the Crypt” was released on StoneFree Records.

„An intoxicating batch of type O positive tomb rock, aptly named "Out of the Crypt". Rightly so because The Vampyres' music resembles a haunting blood-ritual, complete with all its sinister twists and psychedelic turns. The group's dedication to their craft is apparent as their compositions seep atmosphere through an interwoven tapestry of gloomy organs, haunting string-wails and speeding sections of euphoria. Topped off by a fetching vocal performance.“ – Crypt Guard

9. September 2021 20:00 Uhr


Ehemaliger besetzter Schlachthof. Durch Umbau wurden kleine und große Halle, sowie Open Air Bühne erweitert. Viele Live-Konzerte und Filmvorführungen im Sommer. DJ-Lines auch im Arena Beisl.

Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien