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Schnitzelbeat Vol. 3

“Schnitzelbeat Vol. 3 – Ready for Take Off (Forgotten Psychedelic, Flower Power and Proto-Punk Artefacts from Austria 1967-1973)”.

1. April 2023 20:00 Uhr

Jack Holmes (UK)

Jack Holmes is a British-born comedian based in Central Europe. Known for his high-energy performances, Holmes leaves audiences in fits of laughter wherever he goes. His jokes walk a delicate line between anger and absurdity, whilst tackling self-depreciation and cross-cultural observations to hilarious and heart-warming effect.

14. April 2023 20:15 Uhr

Inseminoid Invies Ponyo

Inseminoid Invies Pony (Femme Bass Mafia) & Subversiv Nachtaktiv, BC-A & Powerbaby 1000 Watt, Flinta* DJ Workshop.

21. April 2023 22:00 Uhr