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A Deer A Horse (USA)

Their first EU Tour in 2023 was a blast. If you don't know where to put them in, just look for the gaps between bands like Melvins, Red Fang or L7. But with more hipnotic headbanging moments, a little more punk with a lot of raw energy and a lot more groove where you wouldn't expect it.

This band pushes you in the face with their bass runs, heavy fuzz guitars and plaintive as well as nihilistic lyrics with a sometimes grim stoner attitude through a mix of doom-rock and a touch of sludge-metal. And yes, massive bass sounds by Angela Phillips will take you on a hipnotic headbanger trip...
Their album "Grind" is now available in Europe through Rookie Records. It was produced by Jamie Uertz (Gojira, Anthrax), recorded by Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down)

9. März 2024 20:00 Uhr


Ein schöner Fleck Oberösterreich, mit dazugehörigem Zine und KAPUtique und Tonträgern und vor allem mit Live-Konzerten.

Kapuzinerstraße 36, 4020 Linz