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Acoustic Sunday Vol 1: Ian Fisher, Maia Onda, Paul Plut & Alia Viola (USA/Ö)

Every Sunday in June, four songwriters will share the stage of Vienna’s most established underground venue, The Chelsea. Hosted and conceptualized by the American born and Vienna based artist, Ian Fisher, each performance will have three different acts sharing their songs and stories “in the round” with all artists on stage all evening playing one solo song after another.

These intimate seated events are made to give young artists a larger stage, established artists a chance to try out new material, and music loving audiences a space to truly listen to songs in their most raw and honest form. The bar opens at 18:00, music starts at 19:00, and the concerts end comfortably around 22:30. A reduced price package ticket is also available for those who would like to attend all four shows in June. We look forward to seeing you at Ian Fisher and The Chelsea’s “Acoustic Sundays”!

Ian Fisher’s music is a Euro-American hybrid. Half Americana & Half Abbey Road-Worthy Pop. A rarity of a songwriter who, building on his Midwestern folk roots, has found a delicate balance between deep, meaningful subtext and entertaining music. World aware, he uses his platform to voice his thoughts on society in a way that blurs the line between personal and political as only a restless traveler can. Simple, yet emotionally complex, Fisher’s insightful compositions resemble the acoustic grit of an early Jeff Tweedy with pen ready to strike a’la Billy Bragg meets an old Johnny Cash notebook. A one of a kind, heartbreaking voice, he sings like his life depends on it. Prolifically writing over one and a half thousand songs and touring the last decade and a half around Europe, America, and Africa, Fisher currently lives between Germany, Austria, and his family farm in Missouri.

In just under 21 years, Maia Onda has already done the groundwork of building her musical career; as a singer, writer and producer, playing multiple instruments, she already placed her singles in national airplay charts. As a 13 year old teenager, she started recording her own songs and publishing them on her youtube channel. Her passion for composing and writing music is everlasting and gives her indistinguishable focus. While her releases have already sparked interest of national media outlets, Maia Onda kept exploring new studios in different cities, working with countless reputable musicians. What truly makes her out are her catchy melodies paired with a truly musical taste in composition and arrangement, packaged with her visual aesthetic. Maia Onda is dealt as a promising newcomer, who can expect a lot from in 2023.

Paul Plut, geboren 1988 in Ramsau am Dachstein, ist autodidakter Musiker, Komponist und Texter. Er ist Teil der Bands Viech und Marta, komponiert für Film und Theater und reüssierte zuletzt mit seinem Soloprojekt („Lieder vom Tanzen und Sterben” 2017 und „Ramsau am Dachstein nach der Apokalypse” 2021).

Like still water running deep, indie-folk artist Alia Viola (DuoLia.) blends delicate acoustic soundscapes with enthralling songwriting that will leave you embracing all small joys in life. Her intricate sound invites the listener into a universe painted with a sense of nostalgia for something they never knew they missed.

4. Juni 2023 19:00 Uhr


Öffnungszeiten: Täglich von 18:00 bis 4:00 Uhr, Sonntag von 16:00 bis 3:00 Uhr. Britischer Fussball am Sonntag, mehrmals pro Woche Konzerte, täglich DJs.

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