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Alex Lahey (AUS)

On her new album The Answer Is Always Yes, Lahey’s fun-loving rock has found new vessels, like the Sheryl Crow-esque country-pop of “Good Time,” the breathless punk of “They Wouldn’t Let Me In,” and the ambitious, synth-tinged stadium rock of the title track.

Fans will recognize Lahey’s signature sincerity and driving guitar lines, but there’s also a newfound melodic vulnerability, with Lahey shooting from the hip and achieving sky-high hooks and heartrending balladry. Songs like “Makes Me Sick” and “Shit Talkin’” evoke Liz Phair’s effervescent late-career pop, while “The Sky is Melting” and “Permanent” recall the gutsy, wounds-and-all melodies of Julien Baker.

2. Oktober 2023 20:00 Uhr


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