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Andy The Doorbum (USA)

Andy the Doorbum's live performance is an immersive, otherworldly experience.

A visceral exhibition that blurs the lines between a genre-bending concert, scenes of macabre theatre, ritual incantations of poetry, and unsettling expressions of performance art. This atmosphere is conjured to embody the exercise of confronting the darkness of the world in order to find the small glimmers of light left there worth raging to save. It beckons the observer to delve wholeheartedly into the uncomfortable aspects of existence where few dare linger. The sickness, struggles, and death enveloping societies; the blatant inequalities and injustices consuming marginalized communities; the rising wave of autocrats and authoritarian ideologies; the endless violent wars; and the upending of weather patterns that govern the very life of the planet... It is a somber, rhapsodic, uproarious, and cathartic attempt at watering the reluctant seeds that can be found there which might defiantly spring forth to sprout new growth. With hand-crafted costumes and props, as well as intentionally designed dramatic lighting to accentuate the sonic layering of field recordings, spoken word, and an eclectic array of instrumentation; the work of Andy the Doorbum stares into the stark void, grasping around for the flakes of beauty that might be brought back from its depths to the surface.

11. Juni 2024 20:00 Uhr

Cafe Wolf Graz, Graz