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Apartment 3A By Jeff Daniels

Gastspiel open house theatre: Annie Wilson is having a bad day. After she catches her boyfriend in an acrobatic act of infidelity, she then has a televised melt-down during her job running telethons on the local PBS station.

With her world turned upside down, and her faith in mankind shaken, she moves into a shabby apartment. But beyond the peeling paint and the lousy view, "Apartment 3A" may be the most magical move Annie has ever made.

A sparkling romantic comedy by critically acclaimed actor Jeff Daniels, "Apartment 3A" is a treasure trove of quiet and humorous revelations as Annie confronts her fears and opens her heart to an unexpected suitor.

Originally scheduled for May 2020, we are finally able to bring you this densely layered, poignant comedy. Because if one thing is certain in these uncertain times: we all deserve a good laugh!

Produced under license of Samuel French Ltd.

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