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Blank Out (CZ), The Crushers (CZ), Nasty Pack (D)

The Crushers are a garage punk band from Kutna Hora, Czechia. This three-piece act started in 2015 and played over 70 shows. Heavily influenced by the British guitar scene, they base their music on raw and precise rhythmic performances.

Blank Out is a band from Kolín, Czechia, made up of four crazy party lovers playing fast & loud punk rock since 2011. Their performances are full of energy and positive aggression. None of their shows can happen without a proper afterparty. See ya at the bar!

Completing the Punkrock onslaught are Leipzig’s own Nasty Pack. Fast-paced, anthemic Hardcore Punk that leaves nothing to be desired!

2. Februar 2023 21:00 Uhr


Die p.m.k ist ein Zusammenschluss von 29 in Innsbruck tätigen Kulturvereinen. Die Bögen 19 und 20 dienen als gemeinsamer Veranstaltungsort.

Viaduktbögen 19-20, 6020 Innsbruck