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Boy Harsher (USA) - AUSVERKAUFT!

Boy Harsher is an American electronic music group, formed in 2013 in Savannah, Georgia.

Currently based in Northampton, Massachusetts, the band consists of vocalist Jae Matthews and producer Augustus Muller. The band has amassed a cult following since their formation and their song "Pain" has become an underground hit.

Matthews and Muller own and run the label Nude Club, which is exclusively devoted to Boy Harsher and related artists.

7. Mai 2022 20:00 Uhr


Das Zentrum des alternativen Weggehens in Wien, angeblich das beste Soundsystem am Kontinent, Legende ohne Ende.

Schottenring/Donaukanal, Abgang Augartenbrücke, 1010 Wien