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Burial (I), Ensanguinate (SLO)

Burial is a Death/Doom Metal band with Swedish and Finnish Death Metal influences from Italy.

Formed in 2012 by Leonardo, it started as a pure Swedish Death Metal oriented band but no material were recorded or published untill 2016, when Enrico joined the formation as singer. After the first release (“Burial” or “Demo #1”) the formation was expanded with Patrick, Andrea and Ray, respectively: second guitar, bass and drums. In 2018 Patrick and Ray parted ways and the band cambe to be trio.

After the recordings for “The Forgotten” ep, Andrea left the band. In 2019 Dismal Fate Records released “The Forgotten” and soon after, the new demo entitled: “Presence From The Beyond”, which signed the beginning of a shifting in the songwriting for the band. In 2020 Despise The Sun Records released the compilation “The Aeons Of Horror” and later that year, after the siging with Everlasting Spew Records for the release of the first full length, a new lineup was assembled with Leonardo as always on guitar, Enrico taking care of bass and voice, Samuele on drums and Morgan as second guitar.

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