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CIVA Festival 2023

CIVA stands for Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art and is organized by the sound:frame association.

The three festival editions 2021, 2022 and 2023 are related in content and build on each other. In the first festival year 2021, under the title "Social Distancing - Virtual Bonding", CIVA explored the question of whether and how current technologies enable us to remain connected to each other on a virtual level in times of physical distancing and how it is even possible to create a festival feeling in virtual space.

Under the title "Embodied Structures," CIVA 2022 examined the physical and virtual body in its sociopolitical dimension.

In 2023, CIVA follows up on these themes with "Intangible Care," focusing on our inner, less tangible selves - our psyche.

An seinen Hauptveranstaltungsorten Belvedere 21, Stadtkino Wien und Volkstheater sowie über seine digitalen Kanäle bietet das neuntägige Festival ein hybrides Programm aus Ausstellungen, Talks, Lectures, Workshops, Filmscreenings und Performances.

17. bis 26. Februar 2023

Belvedere 21, Wien