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Crimeapple (USA)

Crimeapple (USA/Soul Assassins) is a New Jersey rapper who first garnered attention in 2017 with his 4th EP Sweet Dreams that dropped on a couple years ago on Halloween along with his Big Ghost Ltd. produced debut album Aguardiente. He released a fantastic sophomore album Wet Dirt with DJ Skizz in 2019.

Crimeapple, named for a juice blend he used to make, is comparable to East Coast acts like El-P and Armand Hammer. Like those outfits, he raps all over the beat and showcases a diversity both in style and vocal delivery.

15. November 2022 20:00 Uhr


Ein schöner Fleck Oberösterreich, mit dazugehörigem Zine und KAPUtique und Tonträgern und vor allem mit Live-Konzerten.

Kapuzinerstraße 36, 4020 Linz