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Cut Surface - Sommerfest

Live: The Boiler, Sundl, Neon Lies, Glen Closer. DJs: M.M.O., Bored Of Nothing, Jaques Braque und Panic Bruch.
Goth House, Minimal Synth, Cold Wave, Post Punk

On her latest album BODY=DEATH, The Boiler reckons with precariousness, change, vulnerability, resilience, relationality and resistance, and calls for the solidarity and love that can unfold within collectives, hoping to outgrow and transform the destructive need for private, heteronormative romance. Pop or anti-pop? Ambient or techno? THE BOILER doesn't decide. Yet: also doesn’t need to!
Goth house? Surrealism techno? Revenant dub? Equipped with rhythm machines, samplers and a bunch of collaborating, ice-cold hands, Sundl, the musical EPU for funeral ceremonies & Nosferatu of Viennese nightlife, pays respects to a century of pop culture and proves that „time“ is no parameter in the realm of shadows.
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Neon Lies, from Zagreb, Croatia, is under a distinct historical curtain from which this type of music is a perfect escape, a dancepolitik of dissatisfaction with a sharpened steel Eastern European edge. Trebly crashes punctuate minimalist black-clad songcraft, nocturnal nightclub culture abuts deeply rooted urban ennui. Raw minimal vicious energy penetrating the very fabric of Goran Lautar’s programming and performance (…) a throw back to the elder’s days when counter-culture and subversive music went head on against the mainstream. The blurred crossroads of the past and present meet and find a common convergence point (…) making this a must have for minimal synth, dark wave and synth punk lovers!
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Sometimes, with serious eyebrows and pursed mouth, you may express that you anyway appreciate the distinction of recordings of a hair dryer while a carrot falls on a pumpkin. Sometimes you just want to let your Weltschmerz run free. And sometimes you just want to dance, shake and sweat it all out to the driving groove. All of this at the same time? Come, witness Glen Closer.

17. Juni 2022 19:45 Uhr


Hamburgerstrasse 18, 1050 Wien