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Dalila Kayros & Danilo Casti (I)

Sardinian singer and composer, Dalila Kayros, creates avant-garde indie electronic songs with extreme sound attitude.

Her music evolves along concept albums where Kayros creates surrealistic images related to symbolism and dystopian aesthetic, blending lead with ritualistic vocals and combining quiet and fierce moods. Along with veteran producer and musician, Danilo Casti, they will be playing an experimental set inspired by her latest album ‘ANIMAMI’.
ANIMAMI, composed between 2019 and 2021 by Dalila Kayros and Danilo Casti, draws the steps of a mystic journey inside the unconscious. The album tells about discovering the dark side of the mind as an endless path of inner transformation, a journey into consciousness facing all shadows hidden inside. Through a magical rite, the unintegrated part of the self gets merged into a more complex totality. From the deep black sea to the dawn of a new transmutation. Every transformation process is always in progress because every beginning is the end of something therefore every end is the beginning of something else. The story starts inside the Dragon Cave with a self-devouring act. The last step goes through a complete transformation into a new state of matter, a new liquid form which is not clearly defined because it just happened so It’s something that needs to be still explored.

7. Dezember 2023 20:00 Uhr

Club Wakuum

, 8020 Graz