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Daniel Varga Eastern European Quartet (HU, PL, CRO)

Dániel Varga is an up and coming Hungarian jazz saxophonist and composer. His latest album was created in the spirit of the Hungarian-Polish friendship, isolated in the mountains of Poland from the world with his Polish-Croatian musicians, friends.
The debut album of the Eastern European Quartet mostly reminds of modern mainstream jazz but it’s combined with contemporary musical influences. A saxophonist and composer who doesn’t care much about music genres - perhaps that’s the sentence, that Daniel Varga’s name is most associated with in Hungary.
The young artist studied in Graz at the University of Music, where he met with guitarist Piotr Lipowicz and Ivar Krizic bassist, with whom he has been working ever since. They found each other with Piotr Budniak - the polish drummer - in different projects while touring and playing concerts in Poland with Piotr Lipowicz. So four of them have been working together for nearly a decade, when finally in 2019 the European Jazz Quartet was founded.

26. Juli 2022 20:00 Uhr

Cafe Wolf, Annenstraße 18, Graz, Graz