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Drahthaus (Ö)

Drahthaus is an electronic live band from Vienna, founded in 2015. Over the last years, they played a lot of live shows in clubs and festivals around Europe. They released two albums, two eps, wrote music for films or remixed various artists.

The music is very divers and has influences not only from many electronic genres, but also from jazz, pop, contemporary music, rock and hiphop. Most of the music is instrumental, but they also did some collaborations with vocalists. With those they gained a lot of airplay around Europe and hit quite some
chart lists. They worked with different labels, among others also with Warner, but turned back to independency and started the label vulkanmusic, where they not only release the Drahthaus records, but also music from other artists. The name Drahthaus means “House of Wires”. And there is indeed existing a real house in Vienna, where the quartet is having their 3-floored recording studio and co-working space: a creative hub, where different people from the Viennese music industry work from.
After a break from the stage (yes, coro…) the band is returning to tour life in 2023. They will present some of their past released, but mostly new music that will be released over the next 2 years.

8. Mai 2024 20:00 Uhr


Das Zentrum des alternativen Weggehens in Wien, angeblich das beste Soundsystem am Kontinent, Legende ohne Ende.

Schottenring/Donaukanal, Abgang Augartenbrücke, 1010 Wien