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Föllakzoid (CHL), Hyperdog (Ö)

Föllakzoid's musical journey is one of sonic exploration and trance-inducing rhythms, with an emphasis on repetition.

They've carved a unique niche for themselves in the global music scene, captivating audiences with their immersive soundscapes and evolving musical vision. Formed in Santiago, Chile on 7/7/07, and now residing in Mexico City, Föllakzoid have undergone various transformations over the years in sound, geographic location and personnel. Throughout their first three releases Föllakzoid (2009), II (2013), and III (2015), the band was revered for their unique blend of psychedelic rock, krautrock, and electronic elements, often filtered through extensive jam sessions and improvisation, that resulted in music with the ability to induce altered states of consciousness.

13. Februar 2024 19:00 Uhr


Konzerte, Workshops und die gelegentliche Party.

Schallmoser Hauptstraße 46, 5020 Salzburg