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Karim Thiam (SEN)

At the age of 5 years he started making traditional music (folklore music), inspired by the versatile cultur of his homecountry.

His formation as folklore musician, dancer and choreograph made him an international well-known musician. After 12 years of touring the world with Andre Hellers show “Afrika Afrika” Karim Thiam is back in Austria to furthermore dedicate his time in his multicultural project “Mr. Ambassador”.
Karim Thiam`s latest project, Mr. Ambassador “Voice of Afrika” band, mostly plays “Mbalax”-ethnos music, acoustic, African pop, folk, worldmusic, African Groove and Blues. The music of Mr. Ambassador, Karim Thiam, relates to the social life in Africa, Education of children, policy for sustainable environment and questions of Energy, the economical situation of the africain people and die impact on their Lifes, to show and understand the real image of Africa.

1. Juli 2022 20:00 Uhr

Cafe Wolf Graz, Graz