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No Fun At All (SWE), The Drowns (USA)

As a punk band, it is one thing to ride the initial wave of youthful enthusiasm and energy.

It is another to establish yourselves as a hardworking bannon of melodic punk rock. Since the 1991 beginning in the small, industrial town of Skinnskatteberg, Sweden, and the 1993 debut mini-CD “Vision,” No Fun At All’s name has become synonymous with fast-paced, infectious skate punk.
Having come up during the early to mid-90s glory days of Swedish punk, alongside Burning Heart Records labelmates Millencolin and Satanic Surfers, No Fun At All went on a mission to outlive the ebb and flow of the scene. Over the years, their sometimes somber, but always gripping melodies, have become a trademark sound. No Fun At All is proof that melodic punk can deal with serious issues, while keeping a playfulness that shines through in the celebratory live setting.
Already counting six full-length records with combined sales in the hundreds of thousands under their belt, No Fun At All released “Seventh Wave” in October 2022. The band’s second full-length with Fredrik and Stefan in the line-up, “Seventh Wave” is packed with the punk rock jubilation that fans around the world have come to expect from No Fun At All.

20. Mai 2024 20:00 Uhr


Öffnungszeiten: Täglich von 18:00 bis 4:00 Uhr, Sonntag von 16:00 bis 3:00 Uhr. Britischer Fussball am Sonntag, mehrmals pro Woche Konzerte, täglich DJs.

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