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Of The Vine & It Was A Good Dream (USA)

In a musical context where it isn’t always a simple task to differentiate oneself artistically, Of The Vine is a band that has achieved an impressive singularity. Their sound is distinct and carefully crafted, a blend of stylistic approaches that comes together into something breathtaking that can crush listeners and then lift them up in a single moment. The best way to describe Of The Vine may be to call them the prettiest doom band you’ve ever heard. Their compositions possess that measured, methodically unfolding sensibility of doom metal that chugs forward slowly and deliberately, becoming more towering and awe-inspiring as it grows. But their power lies in their desire to apply that approach to achingly beautiful melodic passages; in this pursuit they possess an integral patience, and the confidence of their convictions to take exactly the right amount of time to unveil their full canvas. The results are truly captivating and moving, simultaneously dreamlike yet burning with fierce passion.

24. Mai 2022 20:00 Uhr


Lederergase 15, 9500 Villach