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Paradies Garten Festival 2024

Das Paradies Garten Festival ist der österreichische Ableger des seit 2015 in Belgien stattfindendem Paradise City Festivals. Mit Ben Klock, Ellen Allien, Partiboi69, horsegiirL, P. Vanillaboy & Penglord u.v.a.

With Ben Klock and Ellen Allien, they invited two true and timeless Berlin techno legends. Those who like it faster and louder will be pleased to see Partiboi69 on the bill. The Australian party sensation will deliver one of his signature euphoria-filled DJ sets. We're also happy to see our friends from Tattu Tatta Glub again, who've invited a handful of DJs of the hour, including horsegiirL and P. Vanillaboy & Penglord.

After last year's bull's eye, salute's next invitation was never in doubt. The same goes for DJ Gigola - only this time, she will take her positive energy to the Forest Stage during the Live From Earth takeover. Also playing on that stage: Amsterdam's very own Young Marco, the pounding rhythms of MRD, and the unmatched carefree vibrations of local legend Wolfram. Last but not least, queer collective GAZE has commissioned an exclusive B2B set between Barcelona's ISAbella and London's OK Williams. Of course, more names will be shared soon.

2. bis 4. August 2024

Bruck an der Leitha, St Pölten