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Princess Chelsea (UK)

The name Princess Chelsea started off as loving teasing almost 15 years ago. Her bandmates from Auckland’s Teen Wolf “were being sarcastic, because when we were on tour I was often looking really dishevelled, and they would joke that I was a princess.”

Chelsea took on the princess title, and complicated it playfully. Hers is a partial yet whole-hearted embrace of femininity which emphasises the aesthetic labour of beauty, and unsettles it.
Her new album „Everything is Going To Be Alright“ is an exemplar of her singular Princess Chelsea vision, her strength as a collaborator, and as a live performer. For this album, Chelsea’s instrumental arrangements are inspired by her live band, whose interpretations of her bedroom recordings have produced a legendary and somewhat surprisingly ‘heavier’ show than what one might expect.
‘The Forest’ recorded live in one take with Chelsea and full band at Auckland, New Zealand’s beloved ‘The Lab’ showcases dynamic walls of guitar and an impassioned vocal performance. It is a striking deviation from her output so far providing further introduction to what she has termed her ‘guitar album’.
The album is framed by twin title tracks, and between them, Chelsea begins and ends her personal journey of healing. It is a sincere yet unsettling album, which builds tensions and releases them. Cinematic opener ‘Everything is Going to Be Alright’ is a marriage of 60s girl group style pop (think Shangri-La’s) and bedroom doom. Chelsea’s favourite trick of delivering earnestly happy lyrics over a minor sets an unsettling tone and suggests she doesnt necessarily believe what she is singing.
The closing title track ‘Everything is Going To Be Alright Pt.2’ was recorded in collaboration with band member Joshua Worthington-Church on guitar and bass, and is an epic 6 minute ode to personal recovery. Beginning as a sparse vocal peformance set against an organ in a minor key, it suddenly moves into cascading canoned vocals set against major chords that cleverly release into an introspective and beautiful alt-country tinged power-ballad. Chelsea has never been more sincere or vulnerable and when she sings “I think of you sometimes / And it makes me feel blue / Then I walk outside / And everythings gonna be alright - we finally believe her.

23. Oktober 2022 20:00 Uhr


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