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Resi Reiner (Ö)

Resi Reiner's career began in 2006 as an actress. For several years, the young Graz native has been present on the indie pop stages with her music and her enchanting voice.

So she provided among other things with »I want to Italy!« and »Richtig Sommer« for vacation mood with the audience. In August she presents her new album. On »Weißt du, was ich mein?!« Resi Reiner sings about the attitude to life of an entire generation: the songs deal with the search for identity as well as deep sadness. But she doesn't want to »overwhelm anyone with a basket of feelings« and doesn't want to be too concrete lyrically. Humor and atmosphere meet charming melodies and subtle nuances. Serious topics are treated with the necessary lightness without losing depth, and tongue-in-cheek hymns to everyday life are also not to be missed. Resi Reiner's Konzerthaus debut in October forms the poppy kick-off of the »City Sounds« series.

10. Oktober 2023 20:30 Uhr

Konzerthaus Wien

Lothringerstraße 20, 1030 Wien