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Rorcal (CH), Phantom Pain Dogma (Ö), Saturnists (Ö)

Since its inception in 2006, Rorcal has always sought pitch black darkness. The means to reach it have been diverse but share one constant: extremity. From the insane heaviness of their debuts, to the blasting dissonant malevolence they display on their recent albums, their takes on doom, black metal, industrial haunting soundscapes, drone & noise have all shown a strong & unique identity.

After 5 full lengths and numerous collaborative splits, the band is about to release “Silence”, a new album on which the 5 musicians prove their constant dedication to the dark arts.

27. Oktober 2023 21:00 Uhr


Ein schöner Fleck Oberösterreich, mit dazugehörigem Zine und KAPUtique und Tonträgern und vor allem mit Live-Konzerten.

Kapuzinerstraße 36, 4020 Linz