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Rottenness (MEX), Gorgatron (USA), Cyruss (Ö), Decius (Ö)

Rottenness is a Death Metal band hailing from Merida, Mexico and the midwestern United States.

Guitarist Jaleel Castillo founded the band in the late 90’s and immediately hit the road touring Mexico, the United States, Europe and South America—playing hundreds of shows in dozens of countries, including festival performances at Obscene Extreme, Meh Suff, Bogota Deathfest, and Maryland Deathfest, alongside tours with MALIGNANCY, FUCK THE FACTS, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and many more.

23. Juni 2023 21:00 Uhr


Ein schöner Fleck Oberösterreich, mit dazugehörigem Zine und KAPUtique und Tonträgern und vor allem mit Live-Konzerten.

Kapuzinerstraße 36, 4020 Linz