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Sama Recordings Pres.: Schweben No. 10

Live: Ginevra Nervi (IT), HRTL (CZ) & DJ-sets by Internetsari & Welia
Beguiling Kraut Excursions, Organic Club Music & Drones

Ginevra Nervi is an exploratory electronic composer, songwriter and producer from Italy. She mainly works as a composer for film music and has also performed at Primavera Pro Sound 2021, MENT Festival, Triennale Milano and many other festivals. In her music, she lets her voice, emotionally gripping melodies and hauntological sounds and noises come together as an ‘acoustic illusion’ in song structures.
Her film scores have already premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival, on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Her album THE DISORDER OF APPEARANCES was released in June 2022 on La Tempesta Dischi.

22. Dezember 2022 19:30 Uhr


Öffnungszeiten Montag bis Samstag 18:00 bis 4:00, Sonntag 18:00 bis 2:00. DJs, eine der wichtigsten Heimstätten für elektronische Musik in Wien, gelegentliche Konzerte.

Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Bögen 37-38, 1080 Wien