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Spotting: Sundl (Ö), Voiler (Ö)

Christian Sundl, the Max Schreck of Viennese nightlife, begins his late solo debut right off at punk’s demise by revamping the goth dub of Bauhaus: together with Lina Gärtner (guitar), his bandmate from the Stoic formation Lady Lynch, Sundl bestows a dance beat upon Bela Lugosi’s dead 41 years after his resurrection.

Equipped with rhythm machines, samplers and six ice-cold, helping hands, Sundl pays respects to a century of pop culture and proves that „time“ is no parameter in the realm of shadows (and tape label operators): Once again Theresa Adamski (The Damski, Lady Lynch ) breathes new afterlife into the queer arthouse jewel Liquid Sky (Slava Tsukerman, 1982) spurred on by Sundl’s funky percussion (handclaps!) on the track Beatbox (aka Me and my Rhythm Box), Ouroboros’ industrial techno brings our youth crush Scully (The X -Files) back as a revenant (on an infinite timeline, she was never gone) and Tina Bauer (Terz Nervosa) delivers the Motown classic Band of Gold (Dunbar / Wayne) to Sundl’s throbbing EBM beat with all the Doom ’n‘ Gloom that is actually dwelling within it. With André Breton and Paul Eluard, Sundl invents surrealism techno (Volumes) without further ado, only to remind us immediately afterwards of the Liars’ surrealist pop with Fly Fly.

18. Mai 2022 20:30 Uhr


Dreihackengasse 42, 8020 Graz