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Sturmherta (Ö), Elvin Brandhis (Ö), Tudd (Ö), Fino (Ö)

Austrian artist Daniel Haas, born 1992, lives and works in Linz/Austria and studies „timebased and interactive mediaarts“ at university of arts Linz.

With roots in the modular-synth-community he created the project „STURMHERTA“. Under this synonym he released several digital EPs and tapes, but mostly he focusses on live-performance.

In STURMHERTAs repertoire we find hybrid-modular livesets, intense, stroboscopic audiovisual performances and immersive sound installations. A recurring element in his works is the strong connection of sound and light, often found as a direct translation of one to the other.

Elvin Brandhis

Elvin Brandhi is an improvising lyricist, producer and sound artist from Bridgend, Wales, who builds aberrant beats from field recordings, tape, vinyl, instrument and voice. Using sound and voice as an expansive language transgressing intrinsic systemics and inherited syntactical etiquettes, her live shows are unyielding bursts of erupting animation where her caustic stream of consciousness cavorts with restless, glitched out heaviness. Her creative momentum comprises a range of collaborations and an endless nomadism.


Tudd – heart of a human combined with a digital machine from the past – bringing both nostalgic and unknown memories from a life it had wished to live. presenting: experiments from [TECHNO] and [RAVE]culture.

25. Mai 2024 20:45 Uhr


"operative Basis zur Durchführung exemplarischer Kunst- und Kulturprojekte" - so stellt sich die Stadtwerkstatt Linz vor.

Kirchengasse 40, 4040 Linz