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The Legendary Pink Dots (UK/NL), Hiroshimabend (Ö)

Die Legendary Pink Dots sind eine anglo-niederländische Experimental-Rock-Formation, die im August 1980 in London gegründet wurde und 1984 nach Amsterdam übersiedelte. Den Kern der Band bildeten bis 2022 Sänger und Mastermind Edward Ka-Spel und Keyboarder Phil Knight. Phil Knight stieg 2022 aus.

Right from the start, their output has been quite prolific, with no less than four tapes released in the first year of their existence alone. This would not change until the late nineties, with a new album with original material every 1–2 years only, but accompanied by re-releases of early, hard-to-find material, and live albums.
In addition, singer Edward Ka-Spel has released more than 60 solo albums to date, and he and other members of the band have collaborated in various other projects, most notably in The Tear Garden, which originally consisted of Ka-Spel and cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy, but later expanded to involve all current Pink Dots members as well as several friends of both the Pink Dots and Key.

Edward Ka-Spel also recorded an album with Amanda Palmer, and they also played a sold-out show at Porgy & Bess in Vienna a couple years ago.

20. Februar 2023 20:00 Uhr

Replugged Vienna

Lerchenfelderstraße 23, 1070 Wien