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True Story Nights

True Story Nights from Vienna Storytelling Collective brings you another exciting line up of storytellers.

As always, expect surprising, moving, hilarious and sometimes shockingly true stories. BBC drama/comedy producer Turan Ali is your host and welcomes you to a rollercoaster evening with gripping, high quality true stories – some from Vienna. Our ever-changing quartet of storytellers for each show includes novelists, comedians, radio, TV and film professionals, screenplay writers, journalists, performance poets, singer-songwriters and theatre-makers. It will feel like being the priest at a confessional ….except you don’t need to keep it all a secret!

WHAT THE AUDIENCES HAVE SAID : “Exhilarating”, “A brilliant evening every time”, “Funny and very moving”, “Incredibly frank and touching stories !”

True stories guaranteed to astonish, amuse and amaze you with their honesty.

In the line-up for our February 22nd TRUE STORY NIGHTS are storytellers Turan Ali, Veza Fernandez and Marcus Josef Weiss plus talented singer-songwriter Stu Neville.

Turan Ali has produced, directed and written BBC drama and comedy for over 20 years. He’s of Austrian-Turkish heritage, grew up in London and now lives in Vienna. He’s also a stage storyteller and stand-up comedian who has toured to London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Budapest and Edinburgh where he had a 5 star hit with his Queer Folks’ Tales storytelling show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023.

Veza Fernandez is stage artist using dance, theatre, performance, stand up comedy, concerts and living texts to stir deep emotions and reactions. She has created punk music, queer underground, literature, experimental radio and contemporary dance. She has mostly played underground venues, with some international theatres and museums. Especially popular are her screaming workshops, and her solo show with many voices, Alalazo.

Marcus Josef Weiss lives in Vienna and Paris. He has written, directed and acted in plays for nearly 20 years, including performances in the Kammerspiele Hamburg, the Landestheater NÖ, the Kunsthalle Krems and the Volkstheater Wien. He’s an award-winning documentary filmmaker, and a researcher, curator and manager of long-term arts projects.

Stuart Neville is a Scottish singer-songwriter based in Vienna, Austria. His songs involve dreadnought acoustic guitars, wistful synth pads, heavy keys, sampled percussive elements and chewed-up tape sounds, with beaten-up yet sympathetic Scottish vocals. Beautifully crafted songwriting fuelled by the raw indie and grunge of his youth telling stories of people and travels of his life. A vibrant and disarming live performer and artist.

22. Februar 2024 20:00 Uhr

Rote Bar

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