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Unsafe + Sounds 2021

Das Unsafe + Sounds Festival tritt heuer erneut an, um festgefahrene Hörgewohnheiten zu dekonstruieren. Acht Tage lang trifft markerschütterne Klang- und Performancekunst auf horizonterweiternde Clubmusik aus den Grenzbereichen zwischen „E“ und „U“. Mit Gischt, Conny Frischauf, Schirin, Philipp Quehenberger, Mariah Doesn’t u.v.a.


For this years’ edition we want to reflect on the relation of touch, sonic experience and the feeling of connectedness, however fleeting the communion might be. Sound is not an intangible phenomenon. It cracks bodies open, turning them into fields of intensities. There exists a sonic tactility - with sound having a direct, corporeal impact, engaging with our tactile and haptic senses.

Sound resonates in our bodies. It is affecting us at a distance, putting our bodies into vibration. It strikes the body’s skin, flesh, and bones. Thus, sound can evoke touch. It is surrounding and passing through us, binding bodies together, teasing them into motion, turning them into a vibratory field of volume and frequencies. In the chaos of now, we want to concentrate on those sonic communities induced by touch.
Anthony Linell - Bobby Would - Bushra - Caniche as Sensitive Blob - Conny Frischauf - Dino Spiluttini - DJ Gusch - GMNR - Gischt - Gross Module (Paul Ebhart - Simon Heidemann - Christopher Schulz - Leonard Prochazka) - Haskii - Idklang - Isabella Forciniti - KMRU - Lucy Railton - Mariah Doesn’t Carey - Misonica - PLF (Peter Kutin - Lukas König - Freya Edmondes) - Philipp Quehenberger - Puce Mary - Robert Schwarz - Sansibar - Schirin - Simone Borghi - Visitor (Jung An Tagen) - Yuzu

18. bis 19. August 2021

27. bis 28. August 2021

Wotrubakirche & Das Werk, Wien