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Vivienne Mort & Tember Blanche (UKR)

Vivienne Mort is one of the main representatives of Ukrainian indie rock. The band made a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian rock music and national musical culture.

Vivienne Mort released 5 albums, the last of which, “Experience”, was nominated for the Shevchenko Prize in the “Musical Art” category. This is music listened to by the Ukrainian intelligentsia, connoisseurs of “smart” music. The subject of Vivienne Mort’s work is, first of all, about the state of mind, existential searches, deep thoughts, feelings and experiences. During its history, the band experimented a lot with sound: from an academic duet of vocals with an organ in the walls of a Gothic church to an expanded composition of a big band with brass and strings. But the basis of Vivienne Mort’s music always remains the expressive piano and the sensual, charismatic vocals of the songwriter Daniela Zayushkina. After the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, she performed exclusively with support concerts for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On August 22, Vivienne Mort will perform for her listeners in Vienna for the first time ever with a special charity concert.

22. August 2022 20:00 Uhr


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