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Hardrock Summit

Live: Red Machete, Sergeant Steel und Fauxpas
Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock

30. November 2023 19:30 Uhr

Intra (Ö), One Last Glance (Ö), Coperniquo (Ö)

Intra represents heavy guitar riffs, groundshaking bass, huge drums, delicate vocals, aesthetic melodies – intimate, insistent rock music. Intra means to fully surrender to the music and finding each other in it.

1. Dezember 2023 20:00 Uhr

Boogie Hammer (Ö)

Lead by a powerful rusty voice and backed by a solid rhythm section as well as occasional spot-on guitar solos, these forgotten sons of Motörhead, the Ramones and Rocket From The Crypt will take no prisoners at this wild party!

1. Dezember 2023 21:00 Uhr

Crime & The City Solution (AUS)

Die australischen Post Punk-Legenden endlich wieder live in Europa! Crime & the City Solution VI, die neueste Verkörperung der 1977 in Sydney gegründeten Band Simon Bonney, umfasst Bonney (Gesang), Bronwyn Adams (Violine, Backing Vocals, Loops und Found Sound), Chris Hughes (Schlagzeug), Georgio Valentino (Synth und Gitarre), Baron Anastis (Bass) und Donald Baldie (Gitarre und Piano).

2. Dezember 2023 20:30 Uhr