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End It (USA), Spy (USA), Combust (USA), Mindwar (BEL)

End It hail from Baltimore and they want you to know it. Formed in 2017, the five-piece have pride for the city and often address the unease mixed with hope that stems from the community they live in.

The band came on strong with the release of their self-titled EP the same year they started, and followed it up with 2020’s One Way Track, gaining them notoriety amongst the hardcore scene.
End It are set to release follow-up Unpleasant Living on their label home Flatspot Records this July. Recorded with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations Recording, Unpleasant Living delivers with ferocity and purpose. The message? Mind your business.
The band takes heavy influence from ‘90s hardcore, having already drawn comparsions to acts like Leeway, Gut Instinct, and Maximum Penalty. They’ve also shared the stage with a diverse group of artists, ranging from Cro-Mags and Life Of Agony to Turnstile and Lil Ugly Mane, and will add to that list this year as they plan to play shows as much as possible. With absolutely no sign of slowing down,
End It is to be liked at face value or not. The choice is yours. Second time coming to Europe this Summer!

Spy, from the Bay Area, got started during the pandemic, and they’ve already become underground favorites. The band is best suited to fans of hardcore punk, a genre they used to self-identify when asked. There is no question this descriptor is accurate with werring guitars supporting vicious, detached, straight-forward vocals. Second time coming to Europe after a successful headline tour in 2022.

New York hardcore band Combust for fans of the brand of hardcore made famous by NYC of the late '80s Think of Killing Time, Outburst, Breakdown, Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front. They’re able to recreate the magic of our favorite records because they’re students of the game. Their sound is permeated by an intrinsic understanding of late 80’s NYHC. You will at the very least enjoy this if you like its source material, because everything here is in the right place. 3rd time coming to Europe show Europe that NYHC is alive and kicking!

Mindwar is a hardcore band from the city of Lokeren has come ready to slay your earholes with a devastating sound of mosh melodies."Mindwar is a 5-piece mosh brigade from Belgium that brings a combination of straight forward hardcore, groove and heavy riffs.With only a demo under their belt they've managed to pull off a full European DIY tour and supported some of the biggest names in the hardcore industry (eg. Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Harley "Cro-Mags" Flanagan, Merauder, Knuckle Dust, Trapped Under Ice...)Since the release of their debut ep "Hollow" on Reality Records/Kick Out The Jams and performances at Ieperfest, Northcote, Abyss Fest, Brakfest, multiple weekenders and a 2nd European run, this destruction force has been bustin' all over the place and they ain't thinking 'bout slowing down anytime soon. New record coming out this Summer. So join the platoon, start stompin!

5. Juli 2023 18:00 Uhr


Ehemaliger besetzter Schlachthof. Durch Umbau wurden kleine und große Halle, sowie Open Air Bühne erweitert. Viele Live-Konzerte und Filmvorführungen im Sommer. DJ-Lines auch im Arena Beisl.

Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien