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Liccht: Brighter Death Now (SWE), Desidirii Marginis (SWE), Raison D'etre (SWE)

While the project has never compromised its original vision, it is fair to say Brighter Death Now has evolved into one of the few bands upholding the black flag of industrial music.

True to his roots – Roger Karmanik is still living in accordance with the only law he can follow. The NO rule. While people should be seriously more worried about the grumpy old nihilist. Nothing left to lose
or to gain. His bare and tarnished feet continues the one-man funeral procession through the cold and desolate Nordic landscape. His back against the world.legendary death-industrial band to the masses. Raison D’Etre, while having released consistently and to a high standard since 1991 has refrained from performing since 2019 and will now finally present his latest music to audiences in Europe during these very rare appearances that are unlikely to be repeated in the nearest future.

28. Februar 2024 20:00 Uhr

Viper Room

Die "schwarze" Club-Disco in Wien. Konzerte, DJ-Lines und Clubbings von der düsteren Seite. Früher wurde die Location unter dem Namen "Monastery" geführt.

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 38, 1030 Wien