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Reginald Bärris: Instant Classic

Top-notch American comedy in Kabarett Niedermair. Great comedy has a story to tell, and Reginald Bärris’s story is one-of-a-kind! As a biracial child in the heart of America, Reginald was born into chaos.

By the age of 6, Reginald had already seen the inside of a prison more times than he could count. With two parents behind bars, he was raised among killers, addicts, and the criminal underbelly. But his future suddenly got brighter in 2014 when Reginald was whisked away to Vienna by his Austrian godmother so he could become a classical musician. However, his plans changed again when she passed away two years later, and he was forced to quit his studies.

31. Oktober 2023 20:45 Uhr