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Oxbow´s Eugene Robinson Bunuel (USA), Bruckmayr (Ö)

Bruckmayr is not new to the game. Besides being the singer in the bands Fuckhead and Wipeout, he turned more and more producer for the named bands and for various shadowy side projects.

3. Juli 2022 20:00 Uhr

Full Of Thoughts (Ö), Illegal Jazz Brunch (Ö)

Full Of Thoughts ist eine Progressive Metal Band aus Wien. Der Stil der Band kombiniert Elemente aus unterschiedlichen Genres wie Electronic, Funk und Jazz um die passende Atmosphäre zu den Geschichten zu schaffen, die in den Texten erzählt werden.

3. Juli 2022 20:00 Uhr

Kfir Ochaion (ISR)

Kfir Ochaion's live solo act is going global this year, bringing to new life some of the most famous songs of our time. From the screen to real life in a stunning show of a true guitar hero, an unforgettable experience.

4. Juli 2022 20:00 Uhr