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Indie, Alternative aus den Neunzigern.

19. April 2024 22:00 Uhr


Hyperreal soundscapes of high-quality techno, hard-techno as well as progressive trance and house and disco elements in a variety of tempos and styles merge to create a sensual and intoxicating experience.

19. April 2024 23:00 Uhr

Fish Market

DJs Rene Wise, Gerald VHD, DJ Hamam, DJ Killing & Human

19. April 2024 23:00 Uhr

90ies & 2000s & 2010s Club

DJ dii.panda, DJ Gabyta García Vargas & DJ-Team Dial1808

20. April 2024 21:50 Uhr


DJs Phace, Misanthrop, Annix, Rockwell, Blind Judge, Dora u.a.

20. April 2024 23:00 Uhr